This exhibition corresponded with the Irish General Election Campaign of 2011. It was organized by UpStart, 'a non-profit arts collective which aims to put creativity at the centre of public consciousness'. In this case by reinterpreting the spaces commonly used for displaying election campaign posters in Dublin City. There's an interview with me about the piece here:


I had been trying not to think about the fact that I had lost my hair. I was working on the principle that if  I didn't see my bald head then I wasn't bald.  When the hat I was wearing slipped off in the changing room. I saw this creature staring at me from the mirror. It  caught me off guard. I had difficulty recognising myself. It was one of those moments when there's no excaping the reality of your situation. I took the photograph because I take photographs.   My camera  offering as much protection my flimsy hospital gown.

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